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Featured School-BCU

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Baguio Central University, more commonly referred to as BCU is located in the northern city of the Philippines called Baguio which is aside from being the summer capital of the Philippines had become one of the centers of education in the north during the decades after the second world war and still is. The following items specify the updated programs offered by BCU under the ETEEAP. The requirements are also itemized below along with the instructions on the process of application.

The BCU-ETEEAP offers the following programs under the College of Teacher Education:

• Bachelor of Elementary Education
• Bachelor of Secondary Education
    ♦ You can choose from the following majors:
           – Biology/Physical Science
           – English
           – Filipino
           – Mathematics
           – Physical Education
           – Health and Music

The BCU College of Liberal Arts offers the following under the ETEEAP:

• Bachelor of Arts in English
• Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
• Bachelor of Arts in History

The BCU Graduate School Department offers the following under the ETEEAP:

• Doctor of Philosophy in Administration and Supervision
• Doctor of Education in Education Management
• Master of Arts in Administration and Supervision
• Master of Arts in Alternative Learning System
• Master of Arts in Elementary Education
• Master of Arts in English
• Master of Arts in Filipino
• Master of Arts in Guidance and Counseling
• Master of Arts in Mathematics
• Master of Arts in Pre-Elementary Education
• Master in Business Administration
• Master of Arts in Home Economics


The following are documents needed for ETEEAP enrollment. Interested applicants can submit whatever they have that match, or the equivalent, of the items in the list.

  1. Resume/Curriculum Vitae/Personal Data sheet
  2. ETEEAP Form-from the ETEEAP Director’s Office
  3. Service Record/Employment Certificates
  4. Job Description
  5. Recent 1.5×1.5 ID picture
  6. Transcript of Record
    • Undergraduate

    • Post graduate
    • Diploma
  7. Birth Certificate issued by NSO/PSA
  8. Certificate of Licensure Examinations taken
  9. Certificates of Trainings/Seminars/Workshops Attended
  10. Certificates of Awards/Recognition/Citations Received
  11. Community/Extension Services Rendered
  12. Membership in Professional/Government Organizations
  13. Publications
    • Include all appropriate evidences
    • Pre-Interview/Pre-Assessment
    • Schedule of Psychological Test
    • Panel Interview
  1. Fill up the application form pages 1 to 4 (See downloadable forms below).
  2. Prepare a detailed resume or CV along with a cover letter of intent which includes the program of your interest.
  3. Prepare a Detailed Functions and Responsibilities (DFR) or Service Record to be signed by your current employer.
  4. Prepare a Detailed Functions and Responsibilities (DFRs) or Service Records to be signed by your previous employers (If available).
  5. Prepare copies of employment certificates of current and previous employers pertaining to number 3 and 4.
  6. Prepare all the other documents (NSO provided birth certificate, Diploma and transcripts of records of your completed education, etc).
  7. Prepare all certificates of training, seminars and awards that you have acquired.
  8. Prepare a list of your works or publications either in print or digital.
  9. Any other relevant documents from any organization or entity as proof of your claimed skills and achievements.
  10. For online application, you may scan all of the above along with a brief letter attached to your CV explaining your intent.

When you fill up your application/enrollment, please specify which offered program or degree you are interested to enroll in. After evaluation, the BCU ETEEAP administrators will send their reply to you informing you as to which of the courses/subjects and units/credits are covered by your credentials, and the subjects you still need to enroll along with the cost. ETEEAP enrollment is daily which means you will not follow a specific time frame. All subjects and requirements will be covered and completed through online learning modules. You will be provided additional instructions when your pre-evaluation is completed.

Important detail and requirement after evaluation: 

One of the requirements is for the college or university where you completed the bachelors or masters degree that you submitted with your other credentials to verify this by sending a copy of your Official Transcript of Record (OTR) directly to BCU, along with comments about your status.


Downloadable Forms

The following downloadable forms are needed and number 2 in the above list of requirements is covered by the BCU ETEEAP Application Forms number 01 to 04 below. You can download them and fill them up then send them to BCU along with the other documents following the procedure above. You may also send these requirements to this email address: bcueteeap@gmail.com

BCU ETEEAP Requirements List
BCU ETEEAP Application Form-01
BCU ETEEAP Application Form-02
BCU ETEEAP Application Form-03
BCU ETEEAP Application Form-04
BCU-ETEEAP Sample Application Letter
BCU-ETEEAP Editable Application Letter

After submitting all your application documents, BCU will send you a reply with the three important sample documents below. This was their reply to the application of a candidate for their MAAS indicating which subjects/courses were covered by the applicant’s credentials and those that he needs to enroll through online blended learning.

BCU-ETEEAP Registrar Requirement
BCU-ETEEAP Sample Evaluation Form
BCU-ETEEAP Sample Assessment Form

Please note that the cost above are subject to change without prior notice. The indicated cost computation is as of the indicated date, and in case-to-case basis.

On top of the enrollment, tuition and other miscellaneous fees already mentioned, BCU also charges students a one-time ETEEAP fee for each level of higher education. In the details below, the values are in Philippine Peso.

EPF – ETEEAP Processing Fee
EAF – ETEEAP Application Fee
APF – ETEEAP Panel Fee
EEF – ETEEAP Evaluation Fee

For enrollments and other information not in this site along with the curricula and course contents, you may contact the BCU ETEEAP Department. Here are the details:

Email: bcueteeap@gmail.com
BCU Website: https://www.bcu.edu.ph/
BCU FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/BaguioCentralUniversity

We used an enrollment of a student on Masters of Arts on Administration and Supervision (MAAS) which is offered by BCU. This is a versatile Master’s degree that can be used in the administrative position of different fields and can be applied on different undergraduate degrees. Many of its contents are related to education institution administration.

For other inquiries, you may leave a comment below as BCU administrators are monitoring this page and we will provide you with the appropriate information in our replies if they are not found on this page or in other parts of this site.

Here is a link to the university’s post of the partial list of their graduating students which includes those under ETEEAP:

See BCU’s list of graduating students as of November 15, 2021 which includes those under the ETEEAP here.


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38 thoughts on “Featured School-BCU

  1. Marvin barrozo says:

    Hello po I’m interested po to enroll BSED math major po.. pero stopped ako 7years napo.. at may experience ako 1year of teaching in math.. pero more on logistics po experiences ko

  2. I would like to inquire about the ETEEAP program for Doctor of Education in Education Management.

    I have over 20 years of experience in the academe serving in different areas as lecturer, administration and academic head.

    Please advise on how to go about this. Thank you very much and God bless.

    1. Hi there. Thank you for your interest in BCU’s academic programs. You can see all the procedures and contact information on the page. Please send your inquires to Dr. Lopez and he will take care of the rest.

      Thank you.

      1. Shiela Supan says:

        Hi. I want to ask if I’m qualified to enrol eeteap? I have 5 years experience as a housemaid/nanny here in UAE.
        I hope for your further response. Thankyou

        1. Kailangang ang inyong work experience ay may document at pwedeng itapat sa mga degree na inaalok ng CHED. Paki-tingnan ninyo ang mga pwedeng mag-apply o mag-enroll sa ETEEAP sa link na ito:


          At dito naman ay kung paano mag-enroll sa ETEEAP:


          Sana makatulong ang mga impormasyon diyan.

      2. Verdel delos santos says:

        Good day I am interested to take AB Pol Sci, can i ask for an estimate computation of payment for the course.thanku very much

      3. Nida Orowan says:

        I have been in the teaching service for 7 years, 34 years old and have not started my masteral. Can i apply?

  3. Nerissa C. Favi says:

    Interested to enrol BSE biology.. curently here in israel.. 3rd yr in Bse biological science…want to continue..

    1. Hello there,

      Thank you for your interest on BCU’s programs. Please send further inquiries to Dr. Lopez and he will take care of the rest.

  4. Rogelia A. Rique says:

    Gud pm po im an old student of that school way back 1997, I finished 12 units of MPA, and currently employed at Deped CAR, I want to continue my masteral can my units be qualified? thanks

    1. Hello sir,

      Please contact Dr. Lopez with all your credentials. His contact details appear on this page. With your experience and current employment, there is a chance that you qualify on the same program or the equivalent.

      Thank you.

  5. Rhea Mae Castro says:


    How about the certificates? I’ve been working in BPO Industry for almost 6years now, but donrt have certificates.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi there,

      You can request the documents from your employers (including previous ones). Other candidates and applicants just prepared their documents and had their employers print them on their companies’ letterheads and signed.


    Hi. Just to ask, how many years would it take for Master’s?

    1. Hi there,

      That depends on how much credit your experiences can cover. In the example on the page, it will take 1 year maximum.

  7. JIMMER JABAO says:


    I already sent out an inquiries concerning admission to the email address
    bcueteeap@gmail.com. Please check. I was redirected to this email by Dr. Lopez, the dean.

    Thank you

    1. Hi there,

      Please continue communicating with them using either that email address or Dr. Lopez’s as they are the ones in charge of the processing.

  8. Hello po maam, Im interested for BS Civil Engineering

  9. Hello.Interested po ako mag apply.Graduate po ako ng High School Old curriculum way back 2007. Then after that nagwork na po ako in different industry.Nasa BPO ako ngayon since 2016.Qualified po ba ako kasi hindi naman po ako nakapag college kahit isang sem?i have all the requirements naman po like High School Diploma and Form 137.Employment of Certificates/Awards even Community Service Cert and Letter of Recommendation from the company and Foundation na nainvolve ako.

    1. Hello,

      Pwede po kayong maghanap ng school na nag-aalok ng degree na gusto ninyo at akma sa inyong work experience. Narito ang link sa listahan ng mga college at university ng deputized ng CHED.


  10. Robert Frederick Jr. Hayden says:

    I would like to inquire about your institution’s ETEEAP Doctoral programs as featured in https://eteeap.org/bcu/
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Administration and Supervision
    • Doctor of Education in Education Management

    Please advise on how to proceed, thank you.

    1. Hello,

      We have the admin contact details above for more information on how to proceed. But first, you have to complete all the requirements in the list for submission. Only then that they can start evaluating your qualifications.

      Please visit this page for the complete procedure: https://eteeap.org/manual/

  11. hi, pwede papo kami mg enrol for eteeap? nasa pnp service napo kami 3 sana kami.. paano po at ano ned this is my number.09279920689.ty

    1. Hi,

      Pakisundan lang po yung procedure sa listahan at kontakin ninyo ang school para ma-submit ang mga requirement.

      Salamat po.

  12. I can’t wait for the US college institution which has a similar procedure on crediting experiences and prior learning to a degree. Hope it has Master’s also. Btw, you guys are doing well here. Keep it up!

  13. Arnold Tappa says:

    Hello to all,

    I would like to inquire about your doctoral degrees where I can enroll. I recently completed my Master of Arts in Teaching major in English.

    I am currently working abroad but not in the teaching profession.

    I need your advice and feedback at any time possible.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi there,

      You may contact the BCU administrators directly. Their contact details are provided on the page.

  14. Yeah, they’re things in life i read everything, congratulations for the post very well written text i became a fan, i want more texts like this one.

    Congratulations on the site…

  15. hello may i ask if i can apply for eteeap? i worked as an internet cafe attendant for 5 years. i dont know if the job i worked in is qualified for any eteeap programs. your reply is highly appreciated.

  16. Hi Admin,
    I am an undergrad (BSBA) with 146 units earned. Last attended school in 2010.
    Been an assoc manager fr 2013 to 2018 and supervisor from 2018 to present.
    Can I be considered in one of these programs?
    Thank you 🙂

  17. Hi in interested with eteeap . I have experience in BPO industry.. im located in Tarlac.. are the classes fully conducted online?

  18. I would like to inquire if I’m eligible to enroll for any bachelor,
    I have an advance diploma in Information Technology from Informatics Institute
    and I am currently working as Administrative Aide at the HR office of the Provincial Government of Benguet for more than 3 years..

  19. Joyleneth V. Balsaki says:

    Hi, i am a former student of the university in BSN course but dropped out and has an existing old accounts, i m currently working as household service worker here in KSA, is it possible for me to enroll for an eteeap course while working here, i worked as brgy secretary for more than a decade prior to my work here, i have a civil service certificate already, and I’m wondering what course will be appropriate for me to enroll.thank you.

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