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This page contains some of the important information about ETEEAP from the requirements to the actual start of classes. Information may be updated and other details maybe added as we receive experiences and testimonies of students who may want to contribute.


The most important requirement is 5 years experience in the same field where an applicant wants to enroll. It can be continuous or aggregate which means the applicant may have such experiences for less than 5 years at one time, stopped and resumed later. What is important is a total of five years or more if all the time spent on such experience are put together. One experience can also be combined with other field of expertise. If these are available and verifiable through supporting documents, then the applicant is ready to proceed in securing and producing the other requirements below.

  • ETEEAP is open for Filipino Citizens only. (It does not matter if they are in the Philippines or overseas. Most deputized HEIs transact online and deliver their lessons though online learning systems.)
  • Birth Certificate issued by NSO/PSA
  • Applicant must be 25 years old or above
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae/Personal Data sheet
  • ETEEAP Application Form from the ETEEAP Director’s Office of the College or University (HEI), (Can also be downloaded from the CHED website.)
  • Recent 1.5×1.5 ID picture attached to the application form
  • Service Record/Employment Certificates (Current and Former Employers)
  • Job Description/Detailed Functions and Responsibilities
    (This can be multiple but should be certified by the candidate’s current and/or former employers)
  • Certificate from at least three clients or customer (For business owners, if applicable)
  • Transcript of Record
    (If applying for a Masters Degree)
    Post graduate (If applying to enroll on a Masters or Doctor’s Degree)
    Diploma (Can be used on all levels as supporting document)
    Important: One of the requirements is for the college or university where you completed the bachelors or masters degree that you submitted with your other credentials to verify this by sending a copy of your Official Transcript of Record (OTR) directly to the ETEEAP HEI, along with comments about your status.
  • Certificate of Licensure Examinations taken (If available)
  • Certificates of Trainings/Seminars/Workshops Attended
  • Certificates of Awards/Recognition/Citations Received
  • Community/Extension Services Rendered
  • Membership in Professional/Government Organizations
  • Publications
    Include all appropriate evidences

Application Procedure:

  1. Fill up the application form.
  2. Prepare a detailed resume or CV along with a cover letter of intent which includes the program of your interest.
  3. Prepare a Detailed Functions and Responsibilities (DFR) or Service Record to be signed by your current employer.
  4. Prepare a Detailed Functions and Responsibilities (DFRs) or Service Records to be signed by your previous employers (If available).
  5. Prepare copies of employment certificates of current and previous employers pertaining to number 3 and 4.
  6. Prepare all the other documents (NSO provided birth certificate, Diploma and transcripts of records of your completed education, etc).
  7. Prepare all certificates of training, seminars and awards that you have acquired.
  8. Prepare a list of your works or publications either in print or digital.
  9. Any other relevant documents from any organization or entity as proof of your claimed skills and achievements.
  10. For online application, you may scan all of the above along with a brief letter attached to your CV explaining your intent. You may download a sample introductory letter here. We also have the editable version of the sample letter here.

When you fill up your application/enrollment, please specify which offered programs or degrees you are interested to enroll in. Part of the evaluation are the following:
– Pre-Interview/Pre-Assessment
– Schedule of Psychological Test
– Panel Interview

After evaluation, the school administrators will send their reply to you informing you as to which of the courses/subjects and units/credits are covered by your credentials, and the subjects you still need to enroll along with the cost.

In most schools, ETEEAP enrollment is daily which means you will not follow a specific time frame or time table and learning is asynchronous. All subjects and requirements will be covered and completed through online learning modules. You will be provided additional instructions when your pre-evaluation is completed.

Important detail and requirement during or after pre-evaluation: 

One of the requirements is for the college or university where you completed the bachelors or masters degree that you submitted with your other credentials to verify this by sending a copy of your Official Transcript of Record (OTR) directly to the HEI, along with comments about your status.

Enrollment Procedure:

When the school informs you that you are qualified along with the list of subjects/courses that cover the credits/units that you need to enroll (the ones that were not issued Classroom Learning Credits (CLCs), you will be instructed on how to send your payment along with the rest of the steps you need to take to complete your enrollment.

Fees and Costs:

Fees are only determined after the evaluation of the applicant’s submitted credentials. We have no specific answer to the question “How much?”. However, the applicant can calculate the tuition fee per unit (which is usually available on most schools’ or HEIs’ websites) multiplied by the maximum number of units that the student is allowed to enroll per semester. Then just add the other miscellaneous and other fees upon enrollment. Most schools do not require full payment upon enrollment, but some apply discounts to a one-time full payment. You can inquire directly at the school (HEI) where you want to enroll for further information.

To further calculate how much one will spend for the whole thing, most ETEEAP qualified students for a bachelor’s degree only need one or two semesters to complete their non-CLC subjects. For Masters degree students, two or three semesters are needed to complete their requirements.

Confirmation of Enrollment:

When the first payment is received by the school, a notification (normally by email) will be sent to the students along with the official receipt of their payment. They will be informed that they are officially enrolled and will receive an invitation from their professors to join their classes.

Start of Classes:

ETEEAP classes on most schools do not follow the traditional classroom procedures. Learning for ETEEAP students is asynchronous. This means students who have more free time to complete their requirements can finish their semester early and can proceed to the next which entitles them early graduation.

Mode of Lesson Delivery:

Most deputized HEIs transact online and deliver their lessons online using different online learning tools that are now richly available and accessible on the Internet. Other schools build and design their own online learning tools.


This page is constantly updated as policies and procedures continuously change. You may send us your questions on the comment section below as they can help us include relevant information that are helpful to everyone.

Thank you.


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43 thoughts on “ETEEAP Manual

  1. JOEL R. QUETUA says:

    Aspirant ETEEAP BSEE.
    Graduate 2 years Industrial Technology with 15 years Experience in Electrical Field.
    Shore and Sea base.

    1. That’s already more than the minimum requirement. Look for ETEEAP-deputized HEIs that offer BSEE or the equivalent. Our featured school, BCU, does not offer it yet. Just follow the standard application and enrollment procedures.

  2. Hello, should we coordinate the intent and requirements directly to CHED or the accredited school first? I’m looking to apply for BA in Multimedia Arts, but looks like it’s not yet offered through the program. So the nearest equivalent would be is BFA major in Advertising or ComSci–Digital Arts and Animation.

    1. Hello there,

      It should be coordinated with the HEI as they are the ones deputized/authorized by CHEd to offer their programs through the ETEEAP. CHEd is just an authorising agency of the government and is not a higher learning institution, and is not a partner to any HEI.

  3. Good morning I am an als graduate and have rendered almost 10 years of customer service experience thru bpo, telco, and now with compliance kyc for a certain bank in US, but I wanted to apply for eteeap in order to climb the the corporate ladder, I must have supporting docs for higher education, pls help

    1. Why not try our featured school, Baguio Central University (BCU). It looks like one of two of their masters degree programs fit your situation and requirement. You may visit this link:

    2. Hello there,

      It does not matter whether one is ALS or regular classes graduate. The value of the credentials you get from either of these is just the same. To get a masters, you can enroll at any school that offers your desired degree online. But if you want to complete your degree in a shorter time, you may submit your work experiences certification/DFR and other relevant credentials to the ETEEAP department of the university/college where you want to enroll to undergo evaluation and see which of these can be awarded CLCs. You can find links to the procedures/manuals and other relevant information on the home page of this site.

  4. Undergrad of BS in civil engineering 7 yrs Supervisor in BPO what course may it be equivalent to?

    1. Hi there,

      You may check the graduate programs of Baguio Central University (BCU). MAAS and MBA could be the candidates. Enrollment and classes are all online. Here is the link:

  5. Arnold D. Sumalpong says:

    Good am sir,

    Aspirant to take the BS in agricultural technology since ito po yung pinaka related course ng pinagtatrabahuan ko which is the DENR, graduate po ako ng 2 years in comp. Science.. is it posible po ba? employee na po ako of the above mentioned department since 2013…
    What is your advice and recommendation sir…
    Your reply is will be highly appreciated po.

    Thank you

    1. Hello there,

      You can check with the schools that offer relevant courses. It depends on the school administrations’ evaluation of the candidates’ work experiences and credentials. Some are quite considerate especially those who have full experiences, backgrounds and grasp on the different scenarios that applicants are going through. They are also in the best position to give or suggest options for the students to choose. If you find the school not so helpful, find another one. Most ETEEAP deputized institutions are offering the online completion of their requirements, from enrollment to payment and graduation procedures. Schools who are more agile in adapting the online system along other systems that help everyone cope with the erratic changes in world conditions today are the ones who can be useful and helpful in this time of crisis. And in return they too will survive.

      Thank you.

      1. Bump on this. Any recommendations? particular in NCR.

        1. Hello there,

          Please check this page. This is so far the latest we got from CHED, which is pre-Covid-19. But you still need to contact the schools because they have updated their systems and arrangements during the pandemic.

  6. cola silva says:

    I’m writing to inquire if an Eteeap graduate is qualified to take the NMAT and proceed to Medicine. I’d appreciate your response. Thank you!

    1. Hello there,

      Yes, ETEEAP graduates are treated like regular students and all credentials are accepted just like other students.

  7. Kyra Nunez says:

    Hello! I’ve been working in the BPO industry for almost five years. I really want to enroll to this program but I’m only 24 years old. By the time I’ve completed the 5-years working experience in October this year, would there be a chance that there’s exception to the age requirement or am I really gonna have to wait until I’m 25 years old?

    Thank you. I really need answers, hope you can help me. 🙂

    1. Hi there,

      The minimum required age is 25, and we would presume that CHED and the DHEIs would stick to this to avoid issues later in the candidate’s employment status and credentials. It was originally 23 years old, but due to the Philippine’s adapting the K-12 system, the minimum age requirement was raised.

    1. Hello there,

      Here is the page. This is so far the latest we got from CHED, which is pre-Covid-19. But you still need to contact the schools because they have updated their systems and arrangements during the pandemic.

  8. Fermin Villegas says:

    Hello, I am an undergraduate of the BS Chemistry and CTA Theater Arts Programs at the University of the Philippines, Diliman campus. But I have been working in advertising for the past 20 years. Would like advice on how to proceed and what recommended courses would be relevant? thank you very much

    1. Hello there,

      You can check the list of schools that offer your preferred degree then contact them directly. The list was 2019 from the CHED website so there could be some changes due to the pandemic. Schools that did not offer their programs online are now doing so as long as the pandemic continues.

      Here is the link to the list:

  9. Ryuken Alexander says:

    I have more than 30 units completed combined form my 1st year in Com Sci, irregular 2 years in Accountancy, then 1 Sem in Management (yes, I was a mess in my college days).

    I needed to work and so I rolled up my sleeves. With hard work and dedication, I climbed up the corporate ladder. Working for more than 14 years now. 1 year as a Customer Service frontline, 5 years on a Supervisory level, 4 years Managerial level, and 4 years and counting on Sr Managerial level.

    I have certifications on total quality management, lean six sigma, and project management.

    I am planning to complete my bachelor’s degree or would my experience be qualified for a Masters?

    What university/college accredited to run eteeap and does lessons virtually (asynchronous & synchronous), would you recommend?

    1. Ryuken Alexander says:

      I think I found the answer. Also from this site. Thanks for putting this up. 🙂

  10. Goodpm may i ask if in eteeap, what if you already graduated a bachelor’s degree or LLB and you want to apply for the program, will the previously taken subject be credited? like for example for BS criminology, the offered subject in eteeap that was already taken up in the bachelors of law, will the subjects be credited o you need to enroll all the subjects in the eteeap program?

    1. Hello,

      Usually units that were already taken up are considered as complete on top of those covered by your work experiences and other credentials.

  11. Charmaine says:

    Hi, I have more than 6 yrs BPO experience and I’m currently enrolled as a 1st year BSCS student at AU right now. I only heard about this program (ETEEAP) recently from a friend. Can someone help me how i can transfer? should i inquire the school directly or do I apply with ETEEAP first?

    1. Hello,

      You can check the list of schools that offer their programs through the ETEEAP (CHED-Deputized Schools) and see which on offers your preferred degree. Then contact them directly.
      Here is the link:

  12. Desperado says:

    Dear Admin,

    I’m currently working in the Middle East since 2012 for a total of 3 companies (1st is in a Hospitality sector for about a year as a Concierge, 2nd is in a Consumer Electronics sector for 2 years as a Sales Executive, 3rd and current is in a Facilities Management sector for 6 years as Facilities Administrator. Prior these overseas work experiences, I had worked in the BPO sector for 4 years. With more than 10 years accumulated work experience, I believe I may qualify to this program but I have few apprehensions related to my educational records. Due to financial constraints during college, I was not able to complete some semesters across 3 colleges, meaning I’ve got plenty of incomplete units/not credited in between school transfers. My school records/ TOR whereabouts are somewhat uncertain and to be honest none of the various school registrar offices can confirm where they are (the schools I’ve attended to are in Visayas and Mindanao, could have been lost in transit). With this very messy situation, I would like to know if my High School Diploma can be accepted as the highest attained educational level and can be considered as the only educational record?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    1. Hello there,

      Again, your school credentials (Except for the proof that you are a highs school graduate) are just secondary to the requirements to be able to enroll, or accepted by ETEEAP DHEIs. The most important requirements are that you are 25 years old and have an aggregate experience in the degree you want to enroll.

  13. ETEEAP Focal Person here from Pangasinan State University Asingan Campus, we are offering Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English, Math and Science, Bachelor of Elementary Education, Bachelor of Industrial Technology, major in Automotive Technology, Electrical Technology, Electronics technology, Food Service Management and Mechanical Technology.

    1. Hello there,

      Thank you for the information. You might be interested to have your institution added to our featured schools page to give potential candidates/students complete information about your programs, procedures and other relevant information.

  14. I’m already a graduate of B.S. Entrepreneurship. I have 10 years work experience and currently working in BPO. I’m interested to take B. S. Information Technology. Is that possible?

  15. Arnel Cruz says:

    Once you completed a course under ETEEAP program, how many units did you earn from this course? How many units equivalent per module?

    1. Hi there,

      That can only be answered by the evaluation of the applicant’s submitted requirements. If the field of experience is awarded a CLC, that means it gained a full grade just like a regular student. The non-CLC subjects that needed to be enrolled can be completed through the school’s system, which is mostly through online learning as of now. Each school has slightly different system.

  16. Tristan D says:

    Dear admin,

    I have not completed my bachelors degree in IT and would like to apply for this program. Currently, I am an OFW working in Singapore with the following work experience.

    – 4 years experience in BPO (IT Tech) in the Philippines from 2005-2009.
    – 13 years experience in IT in Singapore (from junior IT to senior IT Infrastructure Executive) worked in 2 companies from 2009-2022.

    Please let me know what is the next step. Appreciate your advice. Thank you

    1. Hi there,

      Just prepare all the needed documents mentioned in the manual, then search for the school of your choice and submit the requirements and wait for their response. We suggest that you submit your application to more than one school and choose the one that provides the quickest response. Some schools are not really serious about their being a DHEI, or do not have a staff assigned to care for this particular department and waiting for their reply to inquiries takes ages. Since most of the transactions are online during this pandemic, it does not matter anymore on which school you enroll. In some cases, it’s even better to enroll at a school outside your vicinity.

      See this link for the list of school:
      You can also join or Facebook Group ( as there are school administrators there who can respond to your questions.

  17. Hi Admin,

    haven’t even finished my first year of college so I’m planning to start from scratch but hoping that my past work experiences would be considered. I have mostly workd in the BPO Industry as an agent and later as a trainer (6 years). I am also planning to pursue BS Psychology. Would they be credited and would you have any recomendations for University? Thank you.

  18. Hi There,

    Born as filipino but naturalized in Europe. Not a dual citizen. Am I qualified to enroll for de eeteap?

    16 years experience in finance field.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi there,

      Only Filipino citizens are accepted in the ETEEAP. If you changed citizenship, you’re no longer a Filipino.

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