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In order to fully understand the different terminologies used by the education industry, especially in this fast-evolving world, we have provided this page to help our readers. You may comment below for more relevant words and/or terminologies you want to be added.

Blended learning – A method of teaching that integrates technology and digital media with traditional instructor-led classroom activities, giving students more flexibility to customize their learning experiences. Also known as hybrid learning, and mostly synchronous in nature. However some institutions have discovered that incorporating this in the asynchronous mode even works better.

Face-to-Face – Classes are held inside the school campus wherein subjects have a designated time, day and room assignment. It is also called in-person classes or attendance.

Asynchronous Mode – Classes are held using modules, pre-recorded/canned lectures, instructions and research tools. These can be sent to students by email, accessible on the school’s LMS, or uploaded in the school’s digital classroom (E.g. Google Classroom). The subject has no specific time and day assignment and classes are taken based on the availability of the students.

Synchronous Mode – Classes are held online wherein both the students and teacher are present at the same time. The subject has to be attended on a specific time and date as set out and/or arranged by the school or department.

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