May 28, 2024
PSU Document Printing Assistance
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PSU Document Printing Assistance

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We are happy to announce that we made an arrangement with the PSU-Asingan ETEEAP focal person to provide assistance to those who wish to enroll at their campus.

PSU had a special way of accommodating inquiries by not putting unnecessary burden to their applicants. Earlier, they were doing a favor in your behalf by printing the electronic copies (soft copies) of applicants that were sent to them by email, binding them and submitting these to their evaluation team. This they were doing for free. However, these needed tasks are supposed to be the applicant’s responsibility as policy. Such extra task can no longer be accommodated by their ETEEAP staff and their facility.

With the above situation, we had to setup an arrangement to help their interested applicants and enrollees who cannot print their documents, as well as shipping them to PSU is a complicated process for them. These services will benefit OFWs and other local applicants who have no printing facilities and where shipping documents to PSU may take longer, pose the risk of loss along the way as well as other factors.

Before you move on, please read the following:

Accountability release: We would like to repeat that this proposal and offer is not sanctioned by PSU or any other school that we made agreement with. It is our own project. We just want to clear PSU of any responsibility, although they allowed us to come up with these services.

Additionally, this does not guarantee your automatic enrollment with PSU, or other schools we are (or will be) working with. This is just one process of your application, and the rest of the procedure still depends on you.

Now let’s go back to the services that we are offering.

Here is the procedure:

  1. A fee of PHP 2,000.00 is required for these services. This is paid upon confirmation that you want to avail of our services. If you are interested:

    a) You can send your message to this Facebook page (Please click/tap on the link):
    ETEEAP Application and Enrollment Assistance …or…

    b) You can send an email to this address:

    Payment is through G-Cash or bank transfer to a BDO account.

    Important: Please fill up the form below to signify your acceptance and agreement with the terms and conditions of these services.
  2. After payment, please submit all your documents electronically for pre-evaluation. You can send your message with all the attachments to this email address:
    We will print your documents, organize, bind and forward them to PSU if they are complete, otherwise we will advise you on any lacking documents/requirements.
  3. Either you pass or fail the pre-evaluation, we (or PSU) will inform you.
    Please note, however, that we cannot control and cannot provide timeline on how long the pre-evaluation will take, as this is dependent on the current activities of the school. It may be between three days and three months to know the result.

    Here are the conditions on either scenario:

    If you pass the pre-evaluation, you will be informed by either PSU or us and further instructions will be provided on the next step you need to take at your end to complete your enrollment.

    If you fail the pre-evaluation,
    a) We will advice you if you only need to submit additional requirements and help you how to avail of them to achieve the required score you need.
    b) If PSU informs us that you are totally not eligible, we will refund 500.00 (PHP) from your 2,000.00 pre-evaluation documentation and assistance. We keep the 1,500.00.
  4. If at this time you fail but eventually qualify after securing additional requirements, we will accommodate you and you will only be required to pay 50%.

Applicant Declaration Form

If you agree with the above terms and conditions, please open and carefully follow the instructions in the form on the link below.

PSU Assistance Applicant’s Declaration Form

If you want to learn more about PSU and their program you may visit their page on this link:

For questions and needed clarifications, please go to our comments page here.
Please click/tap here to our comments page.

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