February 01, 2023
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YouTube Channel

The ETEEAP YouTube Channel

This contains the list of YouTube videos that were prepared for our visitors to look at and learn more.

Video Index:

More videos in the making and will be added as they come.

Topics and Questions discussed (Video Chapters):

CH01ETEEAP founder’s trivia
CH02The Executive Order #59 of 1993
CH03Anti-monopoly Bill for communications
CH04The effect and benefits of EO#59
CH05The ETEEAP website overview
CH06What is ETEEAP? (Ano ang ETEEAP?)
CH07Is ETEEAP legitimate? (Ang ETEEAP ba ay legal?)
CH08How does the system work? (Paano ang sistema ng ETEEAP?)
CH09Application procedure ( Ano ang mga kailangan sa pag-apply?)
CH10What are CLCs and what can be used to acquire them? (Requirements for accreditation)
CH11Who can benefit from ETEEAP, and how? (Sino ang makikinabang sa ETEEAP, at paano?)

Topics and Questions discussed (Video Chapters):

CH01The DMMMSU focal person
CH02DMMMSU overview
CH03The advantage of enrolling at state universities
CH04The DMMMSU focal person’s role
CH06ETEEAP website featured schools brief overview
CH07DMMMSU offered degrees overview
CH08DMMMSU enrollment procedure
CH09DMMMSU ETEEAP lesson delivery (Modular-Online)
CH10ETEEAP graduation requirements and worksite visit
CH11DMMMSU Graduation procedure

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